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Expandable graphite packing is made of flexible graphite yarn through different weaving process.



The product has excellent high temperature resistance, anti-chemical corrosive, lubrication and thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient, high strength and outstanding sealing performance. It is suitable for use in static packing sealing at high temperature. It can be treated with corrosion inhibitor according to corrosive environment and clients’ requirements in order to have better anti-corrosion.


The product is suitable for use for almost all the media including hot water, high temperature high pressure vapor, oil, heat exchange liquid, acid, alkali, ammonia gas, hydrogen gas, organic solvent, hydrocarbon, low temperature liquid (excluding sulphuric acid and strong oxidant) etc., , and in industrial equipment and devices in petroleum, electric power generation, steel and iron, chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, etc.

Specifications of Expandable graphite packing3*3mm60*60mm;Special specifications can be ordered on the customers' demands.

Main Technical indices of Expandable graphite packing

Technical indices
Density (g/cm3) 0.7~1.2
Working Temperature (℃) -200~850 (Oxidizing media ≤450℃)
Working pressure ( MPa) 25
Compression (%) 30~50
Resilient Rate (%) ≥12
Fixed Carbon (%) >85
Sulphur (ppm) ≤1300
Lgnition (%) ≤12
Friction Factor (%) 0.18
PH Value 0~14

Remark:The above technical indices could be adjusted according to the customer's requirements.


Reinforcing graphite packing is made of expandable graphite yarn reinforced by high quality high strength carbon fiber, steel filament, 304, 316L, inconel filament, etc. through braiding.



The product has all characteristics of expandable graphite, and strong general-purpose nature, softness and high strength. Reinforcing graphite packing combined with general braiding packing is the most effective seal assembly for sealing at high temperature and high pressure.


Except from several kinds of strong oxidizing media, it can be used for sealing hot water, high temperature, high pressure vapor, heat exchange media, hydrogen gas, ammonia, organic solvent, hydrocarbon, low temperature liquid etc., and widely used in industrial valve and pump, etc., in petroleum equipment, electric power generation factory, chemical, steel factory etc.

Specifications of Reinforcing graphite packing:3*3mm~60*60mm;Special specifications can be ordered on the customers' demands.

Main Technical indices of Reinforcing graphite packing

Technical indices
Density (graphite) 0.9~1.3g/cm3
Working pressure 9~45MPa
Working Temperature -200~1650℃
PH Value 0~14

Remark: The product specification can be made and technical indices can be adjusted according to the customers' requirements.

PTFE impregnated expandable graphite braiding packing is made of industrial expandable graphite through impregnating in PTFE mixture and inert lubricant.


The product has such characteristics as anti-corrosion, thermal conductivity excellent , self-lubrication, quick heat emission etc.


The product is used in non-grinding fluid such as vapor, fuel, oil, acid, alkali, solvent, etc.Recommend it is used in rotating equipment, such as industrial pump, valve, flange etc., in food, pharmacy, liquor, petroleum, chemical, energy, paper making, print and fuel, etc.

Remark: The specification and technical indices of this product are the same as above.

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